As Hank Williams Jr. would say, are you ready for some football? Us too. The 103rd NFL season is underway. The regular season starts on September 8 with Super Bowl LVII going down on February 12, 2023.

Let’s get prepared for the 2022-2023 NFL season with full football schedules, NFL team pages, information on how to watch and get answers to your top questions.


NFL Schedule

Look no further, football fans. You have found the perfect place to find what NFL games are on tonight as well as where you can look ahead at the NFL playoff schedule and everything in between.  





How To Watch NFL Games?

Never be left wondering what channel the NFL game is on tonight. These are the networks that broadcast your favorite games.

REGIONAL SPORTS LINEUP (only available in some areas)

NBC Sports

CBS Sports


NFL Network – DIRECTV 212

Fox Deportes – DIRECTV 465

ESPN Deportes – DIRECTV 466

Red Zone

NFL Sunday Ticket


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NFL Teams

There are 32 NFL teams split between two conferences: American Football Conference (AFC) and the National Football Conference (NFC).  Within each conference, there are four divisions each, North, South, East and West.  Click on the team names below to see individual team football schedules, how to watch and more.  


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NFL Top Questions

All the questions you’ve always wondered about the NFL and football in general. 


When does the NFL schedule come out?

The full NFL schedule was released on May 12 and includes the NFL preseason schedule.


When does the NFL season start?

The NFL regular season starts on September 8 with the Los Angeles Rams facing the Buffalo Bills at SoFi Stadium. The NFL preseason schedule kicks off on August 4.


How many games in NFL season?

The NFL regular season is usually 272 games. That is 17 games for each of the 32 NFL teams over 18 weeks.


What is the NFL schedule for today?

Find your team’s schedule by clicking on their name above or scroll up to see full NFL schedules.


What is the NFL playoff schedule?

The NFL playoffs will start in January 2023 with the Super Bowl LVII taking place on February 12, 2023 at State Farm Stadium in Glendale, Arizona.

  • Wild-card rounds: Jan. 14-16, 2023
  • Divisional playoffs: Jan. 21-22, 2023
  • AFC-NFC Conference championships: Jan. 29, 2023
  • Pro Bowl: February 5, 2023
  • Super Bowl LVII: Feb. 12, 2023


When is the first NFL game?

The first NFL game of the regular season will be played on September 8.


Who has the hardest NFL schedule?

To determine whether an NFL team has a hard schedule depends on numerous factors (and also changes based on who you ask). Using records, stats and player knowledge, it’s best left to the experts to decide who has the hardest and easiest schedules. According to NBC sports, the top five hardest schedules are as follows:

  • Rams: 164-125 (.567)
  • Cardinals: 157-132 (.543)
  • Bengals: 154-133-2 (.536)
  • Buccaneers: 154-134-1 (.535)


What NFL team has the weakest schedule?

According to the experts at NBC sports using records, stats and historical knowledge the five easiest schedules are as follows:

  • Commanders: 133-155-1 (.0462)
  • Cowboys: 133-155-1 (.462)
  • Eagles: 133-154-2 (.464)
  • Giants: 134-154-1 (.465)
  • Lions: 135-154 (.467)


How are NFL schedules determined?

For those asking themselves how do NFL schedules work? It’s a very thoughtful process. The way the NFL creates the schedules is determined by many factors and is not a simple process.

Each of the 32 teams either hosts nine regular season games and one preseason game or eight regular season games and two preseason games. Here are how opponents are determined:

  • Divisional opponents (six games): Two games per team, one home and one away against other teams in division.
  • Conference opponents (four games): Two games home, two away against another division within conference.
  • Opposing conference opponents (four games): Two home, two away against a division within the other conference.
  • Conference matchup (two games): One home, one away against two remaining divisions of own conference based on previous season division ranking.
  • The 17th game is against a non-conference opponent from a division that the team is not scheduled to play.


How to stream NFL games?

To access the most in-market and some out of market games, the best way to stream NFL games is with DIRECTV STREAM.


How to watch NFL games for free?

You can access in-market NFL games on local networks. But true fans want to watch as many games as possible. Look into NFL Sunday Ticket to make sure you don’t miss a second of the action.


What is NFL Sunday Ticket?

Learn all the ins and outs of NFL Sunday Ticket in this article


How to watch all NFL games?

To watch the most NFL games possible, check out these football packages.


Why can’t I watch my NFL game?

Some regions and networks are affected by blackouts, which may mean you can’t watch your game. Learn more about sports blackouts


How to get NFL Redzone?

When you get NFL Sunday Ticket you’ll also get exclusive access to DIRECTV FANTASY ZONE® CHANNEL and the RED ZONE CHANNEL®.


How to get NFL Sunday Ticket?

When watching all of the live NFL games is a priority, NFL Sunday Ticket is the way to go. Subscribe now.


How long are NFL games?

Although there is 60 minutes on the NFL time clock, with four 15-minute quarters, most NFL games last about three hours.  


How long is a football field? 

A football field is 100 yards long and is often used as an American measuring system.


Who won the 2021 Super Bowl?

Los Angeles Rams


What channel is Monday Night Football on?

Most of the Monday Night Football games are broadcast on ESPN, but sometimes also ABC. Here’s the full Monday Night Football schedule:

WEEK 1 – Sept. 12 – Broncos at Seahawks – ESPN/ABC

WEEK 2 – Sept. 19 – Titans at Bills – ESPN

              – Sept. 19 – Vikings at Eagles – ABC

WEEK 3 – Sept. 26 – Cowboys at Giants – ESPN/ABC

WEEK 4 – Oct. 03 – Rams at 49ers – ESPN/ABC

WEEK 5 – Oct. 10 – Raiders at Chiefs – ESPN

WEEK 6 – Oct. 17 – Broncos at Chargers – ESPN

WEEK 7 – Oct. 24 – Bears at Patriots – ESPN

WEEK 8 – Oct. 31 – Bengals at Browns – ESPN

WEEK 9 – Nov. 7 – Ravens at Saints – ESPN

WEEK 10 – Nov. 14 – Commanders at Eagles – ESPN

WEEK 11 – Nov. 21 – 49ers at Cardinals – ESPN

WEEK 12 – Nov. 28 – Steelers at Colts – ESPN

WEEK 13 – Dec. 5 – Saints at Buccaneers – ESPN

WEEK 14 – Dec. 12 – Patriots at Cardinals – ESPN

WEEK 15 – Dec. 19 – Rams at Packers – ESPN/ABC

WEEK 16 – Dec. 26 – Chargers at Colts – ESPN

WEEK 17 – Jan. 2 – Bills at Bengals – ESPN/ABC


Is there Thursday Night Football tonight?

Find all your favorite Thursday Night Football games for tonight or any Thursday night below.

Week 2 – Sept. 15 – Los Angeles Chargers at Kansas City Chiefs

Week 3 – Sept. 22 – Steelers at Browns

Week 4 – Sept. 29 – Dolphins at Bengals

Week 5 – Oct. 6 – Colts at Broncos

Week 6 – Oct. 13 – Commanders at Bears

Week 7– Oct. 20 – Saints at Cardinals

Week 8 – Oct. 27– Ravens at Buccaneers

Week 9 – Nov. 3 – Eagles at Texans

Week 10 – Nov. 10 – Falcons at Panthers

Week 11– Nov. 17 – Titans at Packers

Week 13 – Dec. 1 – Bills at Patriots

Week 14 – Dec. 8 – Raiders at Rams

Week 15 – Dec. 15 – 49ers at Seahawks

Week 16 – Dec. 22 – Jaguars at Jets

Week 17 – Dec. 29 – Cowboys at Titans


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